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Published in American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 2009; 73 (3) Article 52.


Objective. Determine the effectiveness of TIMER (Tool to Improve Medications in the Elderly via Review) in helping pharmacists and pharmacy students identify drug-related problems during patient medication reviews.
Methods. In a randomized, controlled study design, geriatric patient cases were sent to 136 pharmacists and 108 third-year pharmacy students who were asked to identify drug related-problems (DRPs) with and without using TIMER.
Results. Pharmacists identified more tool-related DRPs using TIMER (p 5 0.027). Pharmacy students identified more tool-related DRPs using TIMER in the first case (p 5 0.02), but not in the second.
Conclusion. TIMER increased the number of DRPs identified by practicing pharmacists and pharmacy students during medication reviews of hypothetical patient cases.

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