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Published in Alcohol 2007 August ; 41(5): 381–391.


This is a double blind placebo controlled study of sustained release bupropion as a smoking cessation aid in alcoholics undergoing treatment for their alcoholism. Participants (N=58) were enrolled within one week of entry into alcohol treatment from community and Veterans Affairs Substance Use Disorder programs. All participants received nicotine patch and were invited to attend a smoking cessation lecture and group. Cigarette smoking and alcohol outcomes were measured at six months. Bupropion when added to nicotine patch did not improve smoking outcomes. One-third of participants on bupropion reported discontinuing the drug during weeks 1-4. Participants reported cigarette outcomes with nicotine patch which are similar to those seen in the general population. All study participants significantly reduced cigarette use. Co-morbid affective disorder or antipersonality disorder did not affect outcomes. Alcohol outcomes were improved in those who discontinued cigarettes.

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