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Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg., 89(2), 2013, pp. 202–204


U.S. Government Work


The many dozens of our Society members who were clinicians and scientists assigned to the US Naval Medical Research Unit #2 (NAMRU-2) in Jakarta, Indonesia, during its 40-year presence (1970–2010) in that nation, along with many Indonesian colleagues, are also alumni of the School of Purnomo. This diminutive, quiet, and unassuming scholar and gentleman so profoundly affected nearly all of us professionally and personally that his imprint is as meaningful and lasting as our collective alma maters. His strongest legacy as a mentor and exemplar is that separating those two dimensions—personal and professional—should be virtually impossible. Our work, he instructed us, is a matter of the heart and soul. He considered parasitology and its proper study and practice an imbedded aspect of his inner being. He gave the work a palpable spiritual energy and chided those individuals who approached it dispassionately or impersonally. We strive to convey here the energy and output that was Purnomo as a medical and zoological parasitologist and a supreme master teacher and explorer of these fields.