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Baird, Review of "The Contextual Determininants of Malaria," in American Journal of Tropical medicine and Hygiene (2004) 70.


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The editors of this book are not malariologists. They are academicians with technical backgrounds in modeling environmental processes. The book they assemble aims to provide “important advances to our understanding of the climate change-malaria linkage.” They assembled a diverse array of authors, most of who are well known in the field of malaria. The authors discuss some controversial and hotly debated issues in the field of malaria control and disagreements abound, but one senses they have disappointed their editors in at least agreeing upon two things: 1) the evidence for a climate change-malaria linkage is, at best, weak, and 2) even if such a linkage existed, the appropriate means of dealing with it is conventional rather than going after the atmosphere. Four parts compose the book: 1) Malaria and Climate Change: Issues and Analytical Tools; 2) Regional Assessments; 3) A Changing Context; and 4) Synthesis.