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January 2006


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The University of Nebraska Public Policy Center has impacted policy-relevant change throughout the state and in national policy efforts as well. Here’s a quick look at some of our outcomes “by the numbers” over the past three years:
• Administered Minority and Justice Initiative, which, among other reforms, brought about the passage of two Nebraska state laws to improve the representativeness of juries.
• Awarded $1.5 million to organizations involved in providing behavioral health services to Nebraskans.
• Trained nearly 600 school personnel, health care professionals, faith leaders, and community members to provide psychological first-aid services in response to disasters.
• Developed comprehensive disaster preparedness curricula for hospitals that are being utilized in Nebraska and five other states.
• Hosted the Web site, which received 14,061 visits during its first six months of operation and provides users with information on 3,788 community programs.
• Created consensus for one comprehensive plan to exchange health information among all major Nebraska Panhandle health care providers including hospitals and clinics, the public health district, the behavioral health region, and the federally qualified health center.
• Convened more than 400 Nebraskans and engaged them in public policy deliberations.
• Catalyzed the cooperation of three rural Nebraska communities to address water quality and economic development.
• Authored 15 publications in diverse fields of study.
• Generated more than $6 million in federal grants and contracts for Nebraska.

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