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Published by the Nebraska Minority and Justice Task Force/ Implementation Committee (2004)


The Nebraska Minority and Justice Task Force was created as the joint initiative of the Nebraska State Bar Association and the Nebraska Supreme Court in October of 1999 to examine issues of racial and ethnic fairness within the Nebraska court and legal systems. The Task Force focused on four priority areas: Access to Justice, Court Personnel, Criminal and Juvenile Justice, and the Legal Profession. The results of the Task Force’s investigation, along with recommendations, were published in a report in January of 2003 (available on-line at and

The major recommendation of the Final Report was to establish a standing committee to implement the Task Force’s recommendations. The Minority and Justice Implementation Committee, consisting of a racially and ethnically diverse group of judges, lawyers and community leaders, has been formed, has critically reviewed the recommendations made in the Final Report, and has developed action steps for implementing the recommendations made in the Final Report.

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