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Taking Charge: Survey and Discussion Report, June 2009.


Copyright 2009, University of Nebraska Public Policy Center. Used by permission.


The data presented in this Report are based on two types of public input. First, Lincoln residents completed 1,812 online surveys between April 21 and May 15, 2009. The surveys asked about residents to give their input on 25 budget, program, and service issues. The survey respondents were randomly presented with a subset of the questions so that the survey could be completed in about 20 minutes by most people. Second, an all-day discussion event was held on Saturday, May 16, 2009. One hundred and eleven residents began the day, with 107 able to stay for the entire discussion. The all-day discussion event focused more in depth on six topics from the online survey. Not all of the discussion groups were able to address the six topics, but all groups were asked to discuss at least three of the topics.