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This report documents the flow of health information for public health reporting specifically from the perspective of Western Nebraska providers and organizations.

The schematics attempt to outline the steps of different reporting processes. The steps are depicted by basic flowchart shapes and icons. A box with special comments and a key with icons are displayed in the lower right corner of each schematic.

The reporting processes presented are:

• Summary (overview of all public health reporting)

• Communicable Disease


• Nebraska Newborn Screening Program

• Newborn Hearing Screening

• Chronic Disease

• Nebraska Cancer Registry

• Nebraska Trauma Registry

• Immunization

The first schematic that is presented is the Summary Schematic which begins with each reporting entity and what health conditions or test they report. From there, the schematic shows how the health information is reported, to whom it is reported, and how the data are reported back to the community.

The following schematics that are presented include specific reporting processes. These schematics first indicate the initial health condition or test and then who is reporting. The next steps that are displayed include to whom the health information is reported, how it is reported, and how the data are reported back to the community.

The matrix reiterates the flow of health information from healthcare providers to the state and national programs. Information is displayed by columns that include which health information is reported, for whom the health condition is reported, who reports the required information, who receives the information, how it must be reported, how often is it sent, who reports the information to the partners, how the information is relayed back to the community, and what are the challenges to the reporting processes.