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Hansen, Keith F. (2006). Nebraska Behavioral Health Tabletop Situation Manual – Avian Influenza. Center for Biopreparedness Education. Omaha, NE.


Purpose This exercise gives participants an opportunity to evaluate current response concepts, plans, and capabilities for a behavioral health response to an Avian Influenza outbreak. The exercise will focus on key state and local coordination, critical decisions, risk communications and the integration of external assets necessary to minimize the psychological effects of an Avian Influenza outbreak.

Scope This exercise examines the role of assets from Behavioral Health, Public Health, Agricultural, and other entities in Nebraska. Processes and decision making are more important than minute details.

Design Objectives Exercise design objectives are focused on improving understanding of a response concept, identifying opportunities or problems, and/or achieving a change in attitude. The exercise will focus on the following design objectives: • Reinforce the Chain of Command and identify command and control issues in order to maintain NIMS compliance • Identify and clarify physical resources that will be needed by behavioral health personnel • Define strategies for the deployment and mobilization of behavioral health staff • Identify the role of risk communications/public information and how that role will be integrated across State and Local jurisdictions