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Prepared by: University of Nebraska Public Policy Center.
For: Medicaid Infrastructure Grant Program, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.
December 2002


Table of Contents:
Executive Summary
State Goals for Programs and Program Integration
Policy Choice Highlights and Possible Alternatives
Tables of Program Comparisons
Table 1 - Approximated Nebraska Income Eligibility Ranges for Adults with Disabilities
Notes to Accompany Table 1
Table 2 - 2002 Federal Poverty Guidelines
Table 3 - Nebraska Program Summary for Adults with Disabilities
Table 4 - Nebraska Resource Limits & Resource Exclusions for Adults with Disabilities
Table 5 - Nebraska Earned Income Disregards for Adults with Disabilities
Table 6 - Nebraska Exclusions & Deductions from Income for Eligibility Determination for Adults with Disabilities
Table 7 - Nebraska Exclusions & Deductions from Income for Benefit Computation for Adults with Disabilities
Program Profiles
Behavioral Health
Child Care Subsidy
Developmental Disabilities
Disabled Persons and Family Support
Earned Income Tax Credit
Food Stamp Program
Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP)
Ryan White Program
Section 8 Rental Assistance/Housing Choice Voucher Program
Social Services Block Grant – Title XX
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)/Aid to Dependent Children (ADC)
Characteristics of Adults with Disabilities and the Implications for State Programs
Disability Definitions Used in Nebraska Programs
Program Contacts

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