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Farley, J., Huscroft-D’Angelo, J., Trout, A. L., & Duppong Hurley, K. (2020). A Review of Web-Based Special Education Resources Provided to Parents by State Departments of Education. The Journal of Special Education, 54(3), 180–190.


Copyright © 2020 Hammill Institute on Disabilities; published by SAGE Publications. Used by permission.


Parents who are knowledgeable of special education are more likely to engage in their child’s education. Parents seek information about special education from a number of sources including State Departments of Education (SDEs). However, little is known about the web-based special education resources SDEs provide to parents. We sought to address this gap by conducting a comprehensive review of SDE websites and special education resources. Two-thirds of SDEs provided special education resources in a parent-designated section of their website. The number of resources provided varied greatly by state and the majority of resources were specific to conflict/dispute resolution. Future research should explore how information provided can best support increased parental knowledge to improve parental engagement. Limitations and implications are discussed.