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Submitted to Nebraska Health and Human Services System.
By University of Nebraska Public Policy Center.


In 2001, the Nebraska Health and Human Services System (HHSS) applied for and received a one-year, transitional Medicaid Infrastructure Grant, provided for by the Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999 (TWWIIA). In 2002, HHSS applied for and received an additional three years of funding (through 2004). This combined funding allowed Nebraska to support research that examines how the opportunities for people with disabilities to engage in competitive work could be improved.

Personal assistance services (PAS) are a currently underutilized, but in many cases, necessary work support for people with disabilities. With TWWIIA funding, HHSS determined that an internal examination and evaluation of PAS service delivery was a necessary first step in examining and improving utilization of PAS statewide. The focus of this report is state delivery of PAS. This project aimed to provide documentation of current service delivery, to highlight areas of strength, deficiency and inconsistency, and to make recommendations to HHSS with respect to how it could address these issues.

The University of Nebraska Public Policy Center (PPC) was contracted to conduct an internal examination and evaluation of HHSS’s statewide and regional provision of personal assistance services by reviewing federal and state policy regulating provision of PAS; documenting the process of obtaining and maintaining PAS with respect to the following: access and referral, enrollment and eligibility, scope of services, management and organization, and quality assurance/grievance processes; identifying areas of consistency and variation between service delivery areas; gathering information about provision of PAS by Nebraska’s licensed, certified home health agencies; gathering consumer perspectives and experiences with PAS in Nebraska; and developing recommendations to HHSS regarding how provision of PAS could be improved.

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