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In November of 2008, the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center implemented a public input project to gather information from Nebraskans about electronic sharing of medical information. One hundred and sixty eight Nebraskans completed an online or paper copy survey, and 34 of those survey respondents also participated in a deliberative discussion.

Comfortable with Sharing Medical Information Electronically
• Nebraskans have positive views about electronic sharing of medical information.
• Nebraskans understand the benefits of electronic health information exchange.
• Nebraskans have concerns about who should have the authority to access their electronic health information.

Experienced with Information Technology and Healthcare
• Nebraskans already have moderate levels of experience with using technology to find health and insurance information.
• Nebraskans have little experience with using technology to communicate directly with healthcare providers, though they support the concept of electronic communication with healthcare providers.

Want More Consumer Education about Electronic Sharing of Health Information
• Nebraskans see a role for State government in educating citizens about the use and sharing of electronic medical records.
• Education can increase levels of knowledge about the issues surrounding the use and exchange of electronic health information.
• Education can have a positive impact on Nebraskans’ perceptions of the use and sharing of electronic health information.

Concerns with Network Vulnerabilities
• Nebraskans are concerned about network vulnerabilities that would compromise security of electronic health records.
• Nebraskans are not overly concerned with improper access of electronic medical records by insurance companies, employers, etc.

Prefer an Indirect Role for State Government in Facilitating the Sharing of Electronic Health Information
• Nebraskans want State government to educate citizens and ensure that the electronic sharing of medical records is done in a safe and secure manner.
• There was a relationship between frequency of healthcare visits and attitudes about the role of government in electronic health information exchange.

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