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Published by the University of Nebraska, 1-34, (2008)


The Coordinated Assistance Network (CAN) helps communities prepare for and respond to disasters. The ability to exchange up‐to‐date information about resources and clients is central to effective response. To facilitate the exchange of resource data, CAN has been working with information & referral organizations, namely 2‐1‐1s, to ensure that their existing data about community services may be easily and quickly shared with CAN in the event of disaster. CAN has been working with 211 Helplink (San Francisco, California) to develop an exchange using the data standard developed by the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems, AIRS XSD 2.07. The data exchange has failed. The University of Nebraska Public Policy Center and the University of Nebraska‐Lincoln Department of Computer Science and Engineering agreed to analyze the exports, determine the failure points, and make recommendations for this and future data exchanges.

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