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Issued by the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center for Grant Number: 90EJ0010/01 (April 1, 2003 to September 30, 2003)


- Year 1 sub-awards were distributed to 30 different organizations totaling over $260,000. Attachment A provides a list of first year sub-awardees including the name and location of each, type of organization, description of project, and award amount. Attachment B offers highlights of some of the achievements of the first year sub-awards.

- Stakeholders met in June to identify ways communities can support sub-award faith-based and community organizations. See Attachment C for the Stakeholder members.

-The Kick-Off Conference was attended by over 400 people in June, including many of the first year sub-awardees. Attachment D provides an agenda for the Kick-Off Conference, including the many technical assistance workshops offered. Attachment E provides the Kick-Off Conference evaluation.

-The Governor’s office facilitated a NEBHANDS forum with South Omaha clergy in July.

-Eighteen community forums, with over 500 participants, were held across the state in June, July, and August, facilitated by NEBHANDS and Community Action Agencies. Attachment F provides information regarding the community meetings.

-NEBHANDS facilitated a tour of sub-award groups in Omaha by state and local officials in September.

-Sub-award applications for Year 2 funds were reviewed and chosen in September. Attachment G provides a complete listing of Year 2 Sub-Awardees. The process used to award funding to faith-based and community applicants is included in Attachment H.

-Evaluation of sub-awardees began, using qualitative case-study methodology. Attachment I provides information regarding the NEBHANDS Evaluation Committee and the methodology being used.

-A permanent Executive Committee was chosen and it began to meet monthly to oversee the project and to ensure the activities of the grant followed the NEBHANDS principles. Materials related to the Executive Committee are included in Attachment J.

-The NEBHANDS Information and Referral Committee continued the process of identifying behavioral health resource lists that can be used by faith-based and community organizations and to develop information and referral processes (see Attachment K).

-The NEBHANDS Integration Committee continued its work developing a model of integrated service delivery that includes faith-based and community organizations (see Attachment L).

-The NEBHANDS Policy Committee identified committee co-chairs and began the process of identifying policy issues related to sustaining faith-based and community organizations in the effort to address the behavioral health needs of people in Nebraska (see Attachment M).

-NEBHANDS conducted a number of dissemination activities including issuing a newsletter (see Attachment N), issuing press releases with resulting news articles (see Attachment O), and developing fact sheets and presentations (see Attachment P).

-The NEBHANDS Web site was improved to provide a resource for all sub-awardees as well as other organizations throughout Nebraska (See Attachment Q).

-Technical Assistance activities occurred throughout the reporting period (see Attachment R).

-Project staff met with the Administration for Children and Families Regional Office in Kansas City to discuss areas of collaboration (see Attachment S).

-The project continued to track expenditures and cost sharing requirements. The Financial Report is included in Attachment T.

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