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Published by the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center, Grant Number: 90EJ0010, (October-March 2005) 1-47


• Year three sub-awards were awarded to 40 different organizations totaling approximately $425,220. Attachment A provides a list of third year sub-awardees, including the name and location of each, the type of organization, and description of project, as well as more detailed information. Attachment B lists some of the major accomplishments from each of the second-year sub-awardees.

• A number of open technical assistance workshops were held for sub-awardees and other faith-based and community organizations during the reporting period (see Attachment C for samples of information on specific workshops; Attachment D provides a list of some of the technical assistance workshop registrants):
• December 1, 2004: Early Childhood Behavioral Health Video Conference Workshop (Hastings, Kearney, Lincoln, North Platte, Norfolk, Omaha, Scottsbluff)
• February 25, 2005: Psychological First Aid Training (Kountze Memorial Lutheran Church: Omaha)
• February 28, 2005: Program Evaluation Video Conference Workshop (Hastings, Kearney, Lincoln, Omaha, Scottsbluff)
• March 11, 2005: Psychological First Aid Training (University Of Nebraska-Kearney)
• March 25, 2005: Psychological First Aid Training (St. Elizabeth’s Hospital: Lincoln and Southeast Community College: Lincoln)

• The NEBHANDS Evaluation Committee continued the process of evaluating grant activities, including selecting subaward organizations for case studies, collection of information about subward groups and effectiveness of technical assistance (see Attachment E for survey findings).

• NEBHANDS conducted a number of dissemination activities during the reporting period, including sending a weekly e-mail newsletter to Nebraska policymakers and organizations. We have also posted information on the NEBHANDS web site. In addition, NEBHANDS and many sub-awardees received coverage from local newspapers and other media outlets. Finally, Interchurch Ministries Nebraska continued to operate the NEBHANDS lending library.

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