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Published by the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center, (2009), 1-44


The Deliberative Process to Obtain Public Input for the Draft Strategic National Vaccine Plan occurred in March and April 2009. Public meetings were held in three locations – St. Louis Missouri, Columbus Ohio, and Syracuse New York. Each meeting followed a similar format: 1) A morning presentation of essential information about the U.S. vaccine system, followed by a question and answer session with the participants, 2) introduction of participants to values underlying the U.S. vaccine system with an opportunity to discuss and define the most and least important values, 3) presentation of background information on 12 areas of activity in the U.S. national vaccine program, 4) small group activities in which participants matched their most important values to 12 areas of vaccine activity, and 5) another small group activity in which participants allocated additional funding to national vaccine programs. Throughout the day, participants had opportunities to discuss and decide on the top values they thought should influence national vaccine program activities.

The evaluation included five major components: 1) a pre/post survey to assess changes in knowledge and opinions about social values and priority areas, 2) a post process survey to assess quality of the process, anticipated use of the input, and reasons for participating, 3) comparison of demographic characteristics of participants with census data to assess diversity of participation, 4) post process focus groups with citizens to supplement information about process quality, recruitment efforts, participant knowledge, and expectations about use of the public input, and 5) individual interviews and a focus group with project sponsors and facilitators to understand the project and capture lessons learned.

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