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Prepared by: University of Nebraska Public Policy Center.
For: Office of State Senator Dennis Byars, LR 42 Service Coordination Work Group.


The LR 42 Service Coordination Workgroup, coordinated by the office of State Senator Dennis Byars, asked the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center to conduct a study of developmental disabilities service coordination in Nebraska. The Public Policy Center explored the perceptions and experiences of a variety of stakeholders involved in the service coordination system for people with developmental disabilities. The goal of the research project was to better understand:

• Stakeholder satisfaction with service coordination
• The roles and responsibilities service coordinators currently are fulfilling
• The importance of various aspects of service coordination
• How service coordination may be improved

The project focused on the delivery of service coordination in relation to its impact on consumers. From August 2004 through December 2004, the Public Policy Center gathered information from consumers of developmental disability services, their family members or guardians, Service Coordinators, and Service Provider Employees (Provider staff) regarding developmental disability service coordination in Nebraska. All Service Coordinators and a sample of Service Provider staff were surveyed. Consumers attending the 2004 People First conference were invited to participate in three focus groups. A random sample of family members/guardians was invited to participate in focus groups and individual interviews. This data was supplemented with 2000-2001 National Core Indicators Survey results from surveys of Nebraska consumers.
The “Developmental Disabilities Service Coordination in Nebraska” Final Report is available on the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center web page at

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