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Published in Panhandle Regional Health Information Exchange Plan, September 2005


The Plans describes the implementation process. The implementation process will take advantage of the Panhandle’s highly collaborative environment. Partners are aligning, and will be supported to align, their organizations for a change to electronic health information exchange. This collaboration will also enable us to reduce the total cost of ownership for partners who are implementing electronic health records in their entities. We will capitalize on “enterprise architectures” (across all partners) whenever feasible and will create centralized IT functions to support implementation. The process will focus on adopting national standards and creating local policies and protocols to facilitate useable health information at the point of care. The maximal use of harmonization of standards will avoid some expensive, customized solutions. The process will also assist entities in the change management process toward information exchange.

The Plan begins by telling the story and presenting the rationale of the collaboration. Why this set of partners, in this area of Nebraska? Quickly, the Plan moves to identifying important principles and decision points. The Plan then introduces “Next Steps” in terms of immediate, specific actions that must be addressed, as well as longer-term logic models that lay out the broad vision for what will be accomplished. The Plan then explores various key aspects in health information exchange and provides background and options for future decisions. Finally, the Plan presents a prioritization strategy and discusses financial implications.

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