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Published by the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center (2003)


Information and referral services are an important point of entry for persons seeking appropriate human services options. Across Nebraska, several key initiatives have begun laying the groundwork for statewide collaboration in data collection, sharing, and promotion activities. Consensus is emerging that developing a comprehensive, collaborative, statewide, health and human services database is both desirable and feasible.

Under the aegis of a Nebraska Health and Human Services System Real Choice grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the state convened a working group to help envision the elements that should comprise a statewide resource database. The working group, the Real Choice Data Team, met during 2002 and comprised information and resource providers and stakeholders from across the state (see Appendix for membership). The Team's goal was to make recommendations on a range of key issue areas including inclusion/exclusion criteria, key data elements of a statewide resource database, taxonomy adoption, organizational partnerships, and future statewide planning efforts.

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