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What is Resilience? Resilience is a person’s ability to “bounce back” from hardship or a difficult situation. What is Resilience Alliance? Resilience Alliance is a series of weekly group sessions to create an improved, healthier work environment and help staff develop skills and behaviors that promote their physical and psychological well-being. The goals are to: • Decrease stress by enhancing resilience skills, increasing social support and changing the organizational culture • Help participants regulate their emotions and not engage in avoidance behaviors in response to traumatic situations • Reduce symptoms of secondary traumatic stress • Increase self-efficacy, collaboration and job satisfaction • Reduce attrition • Improve casework practice How is Resilience Alliance Structured? Resilience Alliance will be delivered in weekly one-hour group sessions, starting the first week in June and lasting for 24 weeks. Each session will include a brief lesson focusing on a specific skill, an exercise that will allow the group to practice implementing the skill, and an assignment that will encourage participants to implement the skill in their daily work. Example Topics: • Resilience and Survival Mode • Reactivity • Self-Care • Self-Awareness • Collaboration and Optimism • Reframing Negative Thoughts • Collaboration and Conflict Resolution • Positive Reframing • Self-Reflection