Child Welfare Quality Improvement Center for Workforce Development (QIC-WD)


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What We Do and Why

Ohio is committed to improving outcomes for children and families and strengthening its child welfare workforce. When we improve the child welfare workforce, we improve outcomes for children and families. As a participant in a national workforce research project through the Quality Improvement Center for Workforce Development (QIC-WD), Ohio collected data over the last several months and completed a workforce needs assessment. The assessment identified high staff burnout, secondary trauma and lack of engagement as major contributors to Ohio workforce challenges. To address these challenges, six Ohio counties − Champaign, Hamilton, Knox, Montgomery, Summit and Wayne − will implement Coach Ohio, a supportive supervision intervention that will pair Resilience Alliance strategies with coaching.

Coaching in Child Welfare

Coaching is skill-based, has broad application, and can enhance learning other skills. Coaching builds trust and creates a supportive environment where behavior change can be successful.

Resiliency in Child Welfare

Child welfare staff increase their ability to protect themselves and their co-workers. Child welfare staff develop skills and behaviors that promote their physical and psychological wellbeing. Child welfare staff form partnerships at all levels, from frontline to senior leadership.