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Workforce Scorecards (VIDEO)

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A Workforce Scorecard is a tool that agencies can use to track key performance indicators (KPIs) related to workforce outcomes.

The scorecard process involves linking key strategic goals to workforce-related initiatives and KPIs to demonstrate the alignment between the outcomes being measured and the overarching child welfare strategic goals. The creation of a Workforce Scorecard specific to child welfare can serve as a helpful tool to guide more frequent and productive conversations between human resources (HR) and child welfare departments. Thoughtful monitoring of KPIs, combined with the use of other agency data and information in strategic planning and decision making, can help agencies monitor their progress toward the achievement of key HR and workforce objectives.

The child welfare Workforce Scorecard resource has more information on how to create a scorecard, the benefits and limitations of this tool, and links to additional resources.

In this 5-minute video, a QIC-WD Workforce Specialist, Stephanie Weddington, shares several examples of child welfare workforce scorecards.

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