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Spring 2023

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Clausen, G., Kelly, M., Reeser, B., Seper, L., & Zhang, A. (2023). Patagonia’s Identity: Balancing Mission and Growth. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


This case study examines the challenges Patagonia has faced in attempting to balance its mission of sustainability and company growth. Since its inception, Patagonia has been dedicated to environmentalism and sustainability. They demonstrate this dedication through numerous ways including donating to environmental groups, using recycled materials to make their products, and implementing renewable energy in their production practices. However, as the company has scaled, it has made decisions to meet the needs of its growing customer base and increasing demand, which has led to conflicts with its mission. Additionally, Patagonia’s hard stance on sustainability puts every action they take under a microscope and opens them to attacks in the court of public opinion. In order to remain successful and maintain its brand reputation, Patagonia must power through this identity crisis and learn to stay true to its mission while meeting its needs as a company.