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Spring 2023

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Baumert, C., Delos Reyes, A., Floeder, C., Lohrman, B., Rao, P. (2023). Ben and Jerry's: When Subsidiaries Fight Back. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Ben and Jerry’s is a world-leader in the premium ice cream market, having a very well-established brand known for high quality ice cream and unique flavors. Additionally, they are known for a large emphasis on economic and social equity, standing fast in their values and being very outspoken about their stances on prominent current events. After being acquired by Unilever, a global consumer goods company, Ben and Jerry’s came face to face with the reality that their company values will sometimes clash with their parent company’s after putting out a statement regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that Unilever quickly denounced. While navigating this conflict that eventually resulted in a private settlement out of court, Ben and Jerry’s was forced to reconsider how to best maintain their own brand and mission, while simultaneously being a subsidiary.