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Spring 2023

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Chaffey, M., Jacobitz, V., Levi, A., Olson, L., & Serpico, N. (2023). Athleta B Corporation Case Study. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


As a B Corporation, Athleta has the unique challenge of identifying a competitive strategy that will guide the company to success in the highly competitive athleisure market while also remaining consistent with its mission, vision, and values and supporting its parent company, Gap Inc. This case study was developed to evaluate this challenge through internal and external analysis of the company and to encourage readers to consider Athleta’s future priorities as the company undergoes changes in strategic leadership. The case study begins with a brief overview of the competitive landscape of the Athleisure market and a review of the history of Athleta before diving into the company’s positioning in the market as a company that values sustainability and female empowerment. Athleta’s focus on inclusive sizing, sustainability, partnerships with female athletes, and customer engagement provide strong tools for the company to differentiate itself from competitors. These strengths will be critical for Athleta to utilize in the future as it seeks to become a leading Athleisure brand and a strong brand in Gap Inc.’s portfolio.