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Table of Contents:
America’s Birds: In an Alarming State
Snakes Alive!
Title Sub Title East Coast Wetlands Are Disappearing
Chief’s Corner: What We Do Now
Extreme Makeover for Bird Sightings by Mike Carlo
Taking Care of Our World War II Legacy by Lisa Matlock
Whatever Happened to . . . . San Francisco Bay Wetland Restoration Projects
Recalling the Battle of Long Island Sound by David Klinger
Bold Approaches for Climate Change
How Alligator River Refuge Is Planning and Adapting by Mike Bryant
Rapid Climate Change Is Transforming the Arctic by David Payer
Tracking Change on Wildlife Refuges by Kathy Granillo
Where SLAMM Foretells a Wetter Future
Reviving the Land – and the Air by Bob Ford and Pete Jerome
Connecting the Conservation Landscape a New Priority by Mike Scott and Bob Adamcik
Awards for Refuge System
Palmyra Atoll Refuge Becomes Ramsar Site
Not So Strategic Habitat Conservation: A True Story by David Viker
Putting Food on Alaskan Tables by Andy Aderman