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Table of Contents
ANNUAL REPORT 2007–2008 1
A Time to Think Boldly 1
Lake Mud Holds Climate Secrets 2
Of Grass and Sand – Lessons in Resilience 4
Web Tools Aid Drought Decisions 6
Partnering on Climate Research 7
New Home Furthers Virology Collaboration 8
Innovation Campus in the Works 10
Projects Aim to Ease Research Space Shortage 11
Quilt Center Expanding Its Reach in New Building 12
Genetics Project Melds Biology, Nanotechnology 14
Strengthening Plant Science Research 15
Tiny Tools, Big Potential 16
Omaha and Ponca Dictionary Going Digital 18
Historian Influencing Digital Research 19
Building Longer-Lasting Bridges 20
Robotics-Based Curriculum Goes Nationwide 22
Exploring the Mysteries of the Universe 23
Harnessing Bioinformatics to Find Proteins 24
Examining Risky Behaviors to Help Homeless Youth 26
Demystifying the World of Viruses 27
Revealing Bioenergy Potential of Switchgrass 28
Capitalizing on Ethanol Byproducts 30
Enhancing Diversity Through ADVANCE 31
Improving Literacy for Low-Income Preschoolers 32
Predicting Beef Tenderness 34
Heated Concrete Keeps Ice at Bay 35
Conrad Leads Tech Development 35
Unraveling Secrets of Nicotine Addiction 36
Renowned Quartet at Home in Nebraska 38
More Research Highlights 40
Financials 41