Rural Initiative


Date of this Version

May 2008


The University of Nebraska Rural Initiative focuses the knowledge, skills and creativity of the four campuses (Kearney, Lincoln, Omaha and the Medical Center) upon stabilizing and enhancing the economy and quality of life in nonmetropolitan Nebraska. We are committed to working in partnership with federal, state and local governments, communities, businesses, agriculture, non-governmental organizations and other institutions of higher education to achieve our mission.

A key role of the Rural Initiative is to provide a bridge between NU faculty, students, campuses, and centers that are or can be actively engaged in cross-disciplinary research and outreach that may lead to practices and policies that promote the social and economic future of nonmetropolitan areas. Many faculty are already doing great research and outreach on our campuses and others have potential. Our role is to see the big picture and connect disparate units with relevant skills and interests in order to maximize the impact their research and outreach can have, first on Nebraska, but also on the Great Plains, nationally and internationally.

The goals of the University of Nebraska Rural Initiative are to:
1. Connect Nebraskans with knowledge relevant to building their futures.
2. Originate and support research that benefits community, regional and economic development in nonmetropolitan Nebraska.
3. Spur innovation, investment and wise use of resources to benefit Nebraskans.