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Nebraska Rural Poll, Research Report (September 2015) 15-4, 33 pages

Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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By many different measures, rural Nebraskans are positive about their community. Many rural Nebraskans rate their community as friendly, trusting, and supportive. Most rural Nebraskans also say it would be difficult to leave their community. In addition, most rural Nebraskans disagree that their community is powerless to control its future.

However, the proportion of rural Nebraskans satisfied with many social services and entertainment services has decreased across all nineteen years of the study. Declines in satisfaction levels across all 19 years are seen with nursing home care, medical care services, senior centers, mental health services, entertainment, retail shopping and restaurants.

Few rural Nebraskans indicate that they are planning to move from their community in the next year. However, most of those who are planning to move expect to leave Nebraska. Most expected movers are planning to move to a larger community than their current one.