Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study


Date of this Version

October 2004


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The Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study (SCWDS) is conducting surveillance for exotic ticks on wildlife in the southeastern United States and Puerto Rico in cooperation with USDA-APHIS-Veterinary Services.
West Nile Virus in a South Carolina Deer
Persistence and Fate of Bird Carcasses: The findings from this study will provide information useful in interpretation of dead bird surveillance data and the potential for oral exposure to WNV among both avian and mammalian scavengers. These investigations constitute the M.S. project for Marsha Ward, a Warnell School of Forest Resources student affiliated with SCWDS.
Recent Cases of Hantavirus in West Virginia & Map of human hantavirus cases by virus type
Bat Rabies Update
Avian Mortality at Communications Towers
Dr. Kevin Keel and Dr. Michael Yabsley have joined our faculty as Assistant Research Scientists.
At the Annual Meeting of the Wildlife Disease Association (WDA) held in San Diego, California, August 28-September 3, 2004, Dr. Justin Brown received the WDA Scholarship Award, and Dr. Michael Yabsley won the Terry Amundson Award for Best Student Presentation.
Vivien Dugan recently was one of five outstanding University of Georgia (UGA) doctoral candidates who received the Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Foundation Scholarship for 2004-2005 given by UGA’s Biomedical and Health Sciences Institute.
Marsha Ward, who is working on an M.S. degree at the Warnell School of Forest Resources (WSFR), won 1st Place for Wildlife and Fisheries Presentations at the WSFR Annual Graduate Symposium for 2004.