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Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden, University of Nebraska- Lincoln, August 21- October 26, 1997.


All images are copyright by the original artists. Publication copyright 1997 The Regents of the University of Nebraska


The success of an art museum is often in proportion to the energy of its patrons who willingly commit themselves to its mission and who, by donating their time and resources, insure its continued success. The Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden is no different. And the Sheldon Gallery not only has a local group of committed patrons and donors, but it also boasts an ever increasing number of patrons and donors across the nation who have, for many reasons, recognized the significance of the Sheldon Gallery's collection of American art and are willing to participate in its continued excellence. It is in this context that the Sheldon Gallery honors the efforts of Wil J. and Sally Hergenrader.

The Sheldon Gallery is pleased to present The Hergenrader Collection of Contemporary Art, a selection of nineteen works from the art collection of Wil and Sally Hergenrader of Memphis, Tennessee. Wil, a native Lincolnite and 1954 graduate of the University of Nebraska, and Sally have recently donated and made promised gifts of twelve important contemporary artworks to the Sheldon Gallery, each of which significantly enhances the scope and quality of the permanent collection. In addition to these gifts from Wil's "office" collection, they have graciously lent seven additional artworks to this exhibition from their "home" collection in order to give the Sheldon's audience a broader view of their substantial collecting activities of the 1970s and 1980s that have produced a coherent but diverse collection of over sixty works.