Sheldon Museum of Art


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Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery, University of Nebraska- Lincoln, September 2011- January 2012.


All images are copyright by the original artists. Publication copyright 2012 The Regents of the University of Nebraska


The Sheldon Museum of Art is pleased to present Viet Nam, Nebraska, an exhibition of photography by Sinh Danh. The artist's chlorophyll prints of Vietnam War imagery and footage of the plight of Vietnamese boat people are displayed alongside his contemporary daguerreotypes and color photographs, and the multigenerational snapshots he collected from Vietnamese American families in Lincoln.

Together this body of work creates, in Danh's words, "a history of the land" and a "self-portrait" of our city's Vietnamese community. Danh came to Lincoln in April 2011 as a Sheldon artist in residence. He met with senior citizens at the Asian Community and Cultural Center as well as student members of the Asian World Alliance at the University of Nebraska. He visited churches and temples, businesses and private homes in order to meet and represent a multidimensional population.

The artist was two years old when his family arrived in the United States from a refugee camp in Malaysia. He grew up in San Jose, California. In 2004 he received his Master of Fine Arts degree from Stanford University and is currently an instructor of photography at San Jose State University.

In the following conversation with Sharon Kennedy, Sheldon's Curator of Cultural and Civic Engagement, Danh discusses his past, his work, and the process of creating Viet Nam, Nebraska.