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Editor: Gregory Nosan
Photography: John Nollendorfs
Graphic Design: Ludlow6, New York, NY


Foreword and Acknowledgments -- Jorge Daniel Veneciano

Celebrating the Studio Glass Movement -- Sharon Kennedy

The Language of Glass: Material, Method, Meaning -- Therman Statom

Selections from the Esterling-Wake Collection -- Sharon Kennedy

A Conversation with Steve Wake -- Gregory Nosan

Checklist of the Exhibition Compiled by Ashley Hussman

Selected Bibliography and Notes



Upon visiting the glass collection housed in the Esterling-Wake home, I began to imagine these remarkable works on display in Sheldon’s Great Hall. I pictured them in translucent splendor, imbibing the natural light that sweeps through the space daily. Few works in our collection can withstand the light from the cathedral-high windows at each end of the museum’s nave. These exceptional objects, however, hold their own against the daylight and harness its energy in the service of their own visual beauty.