Sheldon Museum of Art


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Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery October 6 through November 3, 1963


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CONTEMPORARY HAND WEAVING V combines the two formats used in past exhibitions to be both competitive and invitational. In the latter section eleven craftsmen are shown, in most cases by several examples of their work. In the competitive section twenty-six craftsmen are represented by thirty-six works.

The selection of work in both parts indicates the great diversity and vitality found in all art today. On one side are those craftsmen who use traditional technique and design to illustrate in their works the expressive potentiality that can still be found within such limitations. Opposed to this are those craftsmen who attempt to produce new ideas of form and content through their work, and in so doing often disregard completely the more familiar definitions of weaving. Between these two opposites one finds many intermediate positions of expression which complete the selections to make this, it is hoped, a representative exhibition of hand weaving today.