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Published in AZTLAN 12:1 (1981), pp. 39-58. Published by UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center, Los Angeles, California.


The resegregation of students in desegregated elementary schools generates potential barriers to social integration and academic achievement. WE are interested in the role of greater status inequality in reducing academic achievement for minority students. We generate multiple measures of internal schooling processes such as ability grouping, high stakes testing, and unequal burdens of busing across racial ethnic groups at ten desegregated elementary schools in California selected as case studies from a larger sample of 182 schools. Hispanic student enrollments ranged from 10 percent to 53 percent of each campus and we assess variations in resegregation practices and student and campus demographics characteristics to predict variations in student outcomes. Focusing on status relations theories, we find that Hispanic and Anglo students attending schools with greater internal resegregation processes were significantly more likely to display higher status inequalities.