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Hill, Michael R. 1991. “The Pre-Paradigmatic Ideology of Explained Variance in Sociology.” Paper presented to the Midwest Sociological Society, Des Moines, Iowa, April 13.


Copyright 1991 Michael R. Hill


This discussion was originally conceived for presentation in one of the several MSS sections on quantitative methods. My project, however, was the only one for which the organizer of the quantitative sessions could not find a slot. In fact, he neither told me my proposal was rejected nor communicated my name or abstract to the MSS program chair. It. matters to me little whether this was by design or accident -- the result was the same. Were it not for Susan Wright.'s active response to my belated inquiries about the status of my participation in these meetings – and her timely organization of this section -- the ideas outlined below would have been effectively squelched. I have re-worked my discussion, given its scheduling in a session on qualitative methods, and hope I raise at least a few points worthy of your time, consideration, and critical comment.