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Hill, Michael R. 1989. “Dramaturgy in Archival Research: A Frame Analysis of Disciplinary Reconstruction in Sociology.” Paper presented to the annual meeting of the Association for Humanist Sociology, Howard University, Washington, DC.


Copyright 1989 Michael R. Hill


Research in the history of sociology has with few exceptions depended primarily on interviews, reminiscences, and information gleaned from published sources rather than upon archival data such as unpublished correspondence, manuscripts, diaries, and memos. Recently, however, Mary Jo Deegan (1988) and others have demonstrated the power of archival data for rehabilitating the history of American sociology. Archival research is not without its own set of pitfalls and problems, but archival data can at times provide needed corrections to the skewed and often self-serving historical images portrayed in many of the "standard" published accounts of our disciplinary history.