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Hill, Michael R. 1989. Roscoe Pound’s Sociological Library: The Foundations of American Sociological Jurisprudence. (Public Administration Series, No. P-2632). Monticello, IL: Vance Bibliographies.


Copyright 1989 Michael R. Hill


Roscoe Pound was an interdisciplinarian of the first order. His active reformation of legal thought and administrative practice in the United States was grounded in careful study of European and American legal and social theorists. He read widely in the discipline of sociology, as the following bibliography of his personal sociological book collection attests. Pound's study of sociology reached more widely and deeply than cursory examination of his published work reveals.

This bibliographic essay introduces modern scholars to the theoretical and intellectual contributions of the discipline of sociology to the foundations of twentieth-century juristic thought in the United States as molded and interpreted by one of America's leading jurists: Roscoe Pound. The opportunity to "browse" through the personal library of a major thinker is a rare opportunity that suggests new lines of critique and theoretical development. The first part of this bibliographic essay outlines Pound's connections to American sociology, and the second part details the specifics of Pound's sociological library.