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Hill, Michael R. 1984. Exploring Visual Sociology and the Sociology of the Visual Arts: Introduction and Selected Bibliography. (Architecture Series: Bibliography, No. A- 1271). Monticello, IL: Vance Bibliographies.


Copyright 1984 Michael R. Hill


Visual studies in the social sciences have recently begun to enjoy increased popularity. Like the interdisciplinary excitement which earlier linked. the behavioral and social sciences to problems in environmental design, this event points to yet greater potential for collaboration between the social sciences, on the one hand, and the design disciplines, on the other. Whereas the interdisciplinary environmental design movement tended to focus specifically on the relationship between humans and the built urban environment (although some landscape architects properly extended their investigations to rural and natural environments), the intersection of visual sociology and the sociology of the visual arts encompasses a potentially much wider symbolic and experiential interdisciplinary universe. The references in this bibliography are intended as guideposts to help us explore this promising possibility.