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Hill, Michael R. 1984. Selected References on Walking, Crossing Streets, and Choosing Pedestrian Routes. (Architecture series, No. A-1270). Monticello, IL: Vance Bibliographies.


Copyright 1984 Michael R. Hill


Studies on the behavior and experiences of pedestrians have continued unabated since the first major bibliography on the subject, was compiled by Dietrich Garbrecht (1971a). Numerous additions were noted in a supplement by this author (Hill, 1976a). The present bibliography summarizes and updates these earlier works. Further, it includes several related references from the environmental design research literature which significantly illuminate the general problem of understanding the pedestrian environment. References on route choice by automobile drivers have specifically been included to encourage comparisons between vehicular and pedestrian transportation modes.

This bibliography is presented without annotations. However, those seeking a summary of these materials will find an attempt to present an integrated review in the author’s forthcoming University of Nebraska Studies monograph: Walking, Crossing Streets, and Choosing Routes. The author would appreciate receiving notice of current research which should appear in future revisions of this bibliography. Letters may be addressed in care of: PEDNET (The Pedestrian Research/Design Network), 2701 Sewell Street, Lincoln, Nebraska ,68502.