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Fall 2015


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Technology is rapidly changing the way survey researchers collect, manage, and analyze data measuring public opinion. Cutting-edge methods, tools, and data types offer greater insights into both the survey process, as well as the implications of the substantive responses provided by respondents. In this course, we will explore the role of technology throughout data collection, data management, and data analysis within survey research. We will also explore the increasing need for interdisciplinary teams within research to draw from the strengths of different disciplines (e.g., survey research and methodology, computer science and engineering, cognitive psychology, sociology, statistics, etc.) to properly answer interesting research questions and evaluate hypotheses. The course content is motivated by real-world applications described in state-of-the-art survey research literature, and topics will be explored using hands on experiences with both synthetic data for assignments, as well as possibly real-world data for final projects (students are strongly recommended to apply the methods studied in the course to their own research data that may arise from assigned research projects, or used to complete their Masters and PhD degrees). After successfully completing this course, students will be prepared to perform cutting-edge, data-driven research in survey research, and students will gain skills sought after by companies, government organizations, and academia in the survey research community.