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A Comprehensive Study of the Southeast District of University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension. Extension is a Division of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln cooperating with the Counties and the United States Department of Agriculture.

Appendix materials are collected in a separate PDF file.


This Five Year District Program Review is issue based and follows the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources guidelines for Research and Extension Centers revised in 2000 (see Section 7a). As the guidelines indicate, the review focuses on the current and evolving issues that effect this District and to some extent contiguous regions. The identification of external issues was program independent and heavily dependent on clientele input. The IANR Strategic Plan and the Extension Action Team Plans are considered a broad perspective of the issues facing Nebraskans. The District review considers unique regional challenges. The program plans are aligned with the IANR plan and Extension plan and customized to the needs of the District. Three objectives are to be considered in the development of the review process:
• Utilize external input to identify and assess emerging issues.
• Identify strategies to address those issues with some consideration of appropriate resource reallocation.
• Reflect upon the process and the outcome with third party input.


1 Introduction
1a Overview of Process
1b Team Members, Reviewers and Co-Chairs
1c Outside Review Team Members
1d Site Visit Schedule
1e Acknowledgements

2 Education Program Reports and Logic Models
2a General Demographic Trends
2b Food Production & Natural Resource Systems Education Programs
(1) Risk Management and Production Agriculture
(2) Diversified Agriculture
(3) Irrigated Agriculture
(4) Livestock Agriculture
(5) Appendix materials
2c Building Strong Families Education Programs
(1) Family Relationships
(2) Family Financial Management
(3) Appendix materials
2d Nutrition, Health and Wellness Education Programs
(1) Healthy Lifestyle
(2) Nutrition Education Program
(3) Food Safety
(4) Teaching Through Technology
(5) Appendix materials
2e Community & Residential Environment Education Programs
(1) Natural resource protection for indoor and outdoor environments
(2) Appendix materials
2f Community Resource Development Education Programs
(1) Building Leadership - Bridging Communities - Vitalizing Nebraska
2g 4-H Youth Development - 4-H Youth Education Programs
(1) Professional Development for 4-H Volunteers and Staff
(2) Recognition of 4-H Youth and Volunteers
(3) Emphasis on Team-Based Learning for 4-H Youth
(4) Appendix materials

3 Cross Cutting Program Issue
3a Water Issues
3b Appendix materials

4 Engaging Our Clientele
4a Diversity
4b Technology
4c Marketing
4d Student Recruitment
4e Urban Initiatives
4f Appendix materials

5 Internal Issues
5a SREC Advisory Committee Report
5b Research Issues

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