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Published by the Southeast Extension and Research Center and Extension District V (1983) 1-66; Copyright University of Nebraska


1983 was another interesting year for the staff of our unit, our clientele and for those of us involved in administration.

On the agricultural front, the fall and winter of 1982 and the spring of 1983 were very wet; while July, August, and September were very, very hot and dry.

The PIK (Payment In Kind) added a dimension of uncertainty, but did have a positive effect on prices. Over 50% of the cropland was retired in some of the counties in southeast Nebraska.

Unfavorable economic conditions strained the financial stability of many farmers and businesses in our district. Unemployment climbed in the early part of the reporting year. There was some reduction in unemployment toward the end of the period.

The programs of our staff continued during the year to address the recession. There are still needs in this area as the year closes.

The staff continued to upgrade their professional competency by undertaking graduate programs. Shei la Johnson (Platte Coounty) completed her Master of Science degree at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in May, 1983 and returned to her Extension Agent-Home Economics position. Debra Kabes (Richardson-Pawnee Counties) will complete her Master of Science degree at Kansas State University in January. 1984 and will return to her position as Extension Agent-Home Economics.

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