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Vision: The Southeast Extension District is a premier provider of research-based information, delivering education ‘… Any time, Any place, Any path, Any pace…’ to multigenerational clientele. An organization with professionals embedded in Nebraska communities that serve to engage the citizenry with their land-grant institution and help them solve complex problems around the important priorities of Food, Fuel, Water, Landscapes, and People.

Our vision requires innovation and attaining excellence in every area and at every level of the organization— personnel recruitment and development, curriculum development, program partnerships, external funding, student recruitment, teaching strategies and delivery systems. Extension professionals are highly regarded teachers, recognized for their subject matter competence and teaching excellence.

Extension will rapidly migrate to a more robust online teaching environment as we prepare to embrace the educational needs of tomorrows’ clientele. Advances in technology and teaching, coupled with strong relationships with people and research-based information will set Extension apart as a trusted leader. We will be the first resource that Nebraskan’s turn to help solve their individual, family, business, community and regional challenges.

1. Vision and Overview pages 5-8

2. Next Generation Extension page 9

a New Delivery Systems pages 11-14

b Measuring Return on Investments pages 15-19

c Partnerships pages 20-23

d Translational Research pages 24-29

e Staying on the Cutting Edge pages 30-31

3. Agriculture and Science Literacy pages 33-34

a Livestock pages 35-39

b Crops pages 40-43

c Water pages 44-47

d Nutrition pages 48-51

4. SREC Contributions: page 53

IANR Growing a Healthy Future – 2025 Goals

a Food

Crops pages 55-59

Nutrition pages 60-64

Livestock pages 65-66

b Water

Crops & Urban pages 67-68

c People

4-H and Youth pages 69-73

Community Development pages 74-77

Families pages 78-79

d Landscapes pages 80-83

5. SREC Contribution to IANR 2017 Goals page 85

a Student Recruitment Plan pages 87-89

b External Funding and Partnership Opportunities

Global Agriculture, Food and

Environment Education Center pages 90-92

Growing Kimmel page 93

c Ties to Innovation Campus page 94

d Rural Futures page 95

e SREC Program Priority Requests page 96-99

6. Review Process page 101

a Visiting Team Members page 103

b Site Visit Schedule page 104

c Review Team Members page 105

Program Teams

d Questions from SREC Unit page 106

7. Supporting Materials

page 109

a Demographics pages 111–117

b Program Maps pages 118-125

Faculty Directory pages 126-129

c Diversity Report page 130

Employee Engagement pages 131-133

d Summary of Grants pages 134-151