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The reports contained in this review document contain ambitious plans for extension in the district. Each faculty member views their particular specialty as important to the overall effectiveness of extension and desires to see resources committed to it. In an effort to aid the review team in their recommendations, overarching consensuses and personnel recommendations from each report have been gathered in an executive summary.


Review Team Schedule

Review Team Members


Executive Summary

Organizational Culture

Initiative Team Reports
Children, Youth and Families at Risk
Nutrition, Food Safety, Food Quality
Solid Waste Management
Agricultural Sustainability and Profitability
Enhancing Water Quality
Strengthening Nebraska Communities/Leadership

Crosscutting Committee Reports
Urban Programming

Action Plan Reports
Waste Management
Waste Management and Utilization Action Plan
Maintaining Good Water Quality
Maintaining Good Water Quality Action Plan

Appendix A. Priority Issues Teams and Crosscutting Issues Committees Membership
Appendix B. Maps
Appendix C. Demographics
Appendix D. Family Facts 1993
Appendix E. Southeast Research and Extension Center Faculty and Staff

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