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The Review Team convened on January 10, 1994 in Lincoln, Nebraska to conduct an issues review of the UNL Southeast Research and Extension Center. The panel met with faculty and administrators for two days and then presented exit reports to the faculty, unit administrators and IANR administration on Thursday, January 13.


The SREC is a well-run, productive unit with the faculty showing a lot of commitment and teamwork. It is apparent that District Director Loyd Young has done an outstanding job of providing leadership and developing an effective staff and unit. The issues addressed by this unit appear on target. The unit has identified emerging issues for the near future.

Ken Bolen, Dean and Director of Cooperative Extension, asked the Review Team to evaluate the extension program with a focus on what's best for clientele. He asked the team to consider the following questions:
1. What are the issues? Has the unit identified the critical issues? Did they miss

2. What are the implications of programming in urban areas?

3. What is the appropriate structure for the SREC?
a) Should specialists be housed at SREC and report to the district director or
department heads?
b) District lines - should the Midland 4 and East Central EPUs be moved to
the Northeast District?
c) Is the current EPU structure satisfactory or should it be changed?
d) What are the needed qualifications for the next district director? (Following
Loyd's retirement July 1, 1994)

Darrell Nelson, Dean of the Agricultural Research Division, asked the team to pull out
research needs for the district. He raised the following questions for consideration:
1. Do we need an urban district? Do we need a separate leader for an urban
2. How can we access other parts of the university? Joint appointments? Dollars to
buy additional expertise?
3. Should we have a different name for Southeast Research & Extension Center.

Steve Waller, Assistant Dean of CASNR, made the following comments relative to
CASNR interactions with SREC.
1. Future linkages and interactions need to increase between Extension-TeachingResearch.
2. Extension needs more interaction with the Community Colleges.
3. Extension needs to playa role in distance learning and serve as coordinators for
on-site credit course offerings.
4. With the large population base in the Southeast District, SREC needs to play an
increasing role in student recruitment.

Loyd Young, SREC District Director, asked the Review Team to respond to the unit's
goals and recommend whether they're on target or if they should consider alternatives.

The Review Team has addressed most of these questions in this report.

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