Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders


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Published [online before print at] in Journal of Social Work 2013 (11 pp); doi: 10.1177/1468017313506134


Copyright © 2013 Alexandra L. Trout, Steven Hoffman, Michael H. Epstein, and Ronald W. Thompson; published by Sage Publications. Used by permission.


Summary: The purpose of this study was to compare parent (N = 51) and family teacher (N = 102) ratings of perceptions of aftercare for youth reintegrating into the home and community settings following a stay in residential care.

Findings: The results show large differences between treatment providers and parents as to the level of youth preparedness for transition.

Applications: Youth leaving residential care facilities struggle to maintain the gains they make during their time in treatment. Understanding what residential care providers and parents of youth perceive to be most important for youth during this transition period is essential to the youth’s long-term success.