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Southern Soybean Disease Workers 48th Annual Meeting Proceedings (March 3, 2021, Virtual Content)


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Abstracts and report


2021 Southern Soybean Disease Workers Agenda

Virtual | Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Southern United States Soybean Disease Loss Estimates for 2020. TW Allen, K Bissonnette, CA Bradley, JP Damicone, NS Dufault, TR Faske, T Isakeit, RC Kemerait, A Koehler, D Langston, JD Mueller, GB Padgett, PP Price, EJ Sikora, IM Small, L Thiessen, and H Young

Student papers (Tessie Wilkerson, moderator)

Secondary metabolites produced by Xylaria necrophora are responsible for the foliar symptoms associated with taproot decline of soybean. Teddy Garcia-Aroca, Trey Price, José Solórzano, David Galo, Sophie Sheffield, Jonathan K. Richards, and Vinson P. Doyle

Meta-analysis of fungicide performance for managing frogeye leaf spot on soybean in the United States. Jhonatan P Barro, Emerson M Del Ponte, Tom Allen, Jason P Bond, Travis R Faske, Clayton A Hollier, Yuba R Kandel, Daren S Mueller, Heather M Kelly, Nathan M Kleczewski, Paul Price, Edward J Sikora, and Carl A Bradley

Using metagenomic tools to explore the suppression of soybean cyst nematode populations in fields double-cropped with wheat and soybean. Leonardo F Rocha, Jason P Bond, Ahmad M Fakhoury

Investigating the effects of demethylation inhibitor fungicides and the insecticide malathion on Corynespora cassiicola. Ty Smith, Heather Kelly, and Larry Steckel

DNA-based protocol for rapid detection of QoI (Strobilurin) fungicide resistance in Cercospora sojina and a statewide survey of foliar fungicide use for soybean disease management in Nebraska. Asha Mane, Tamra Jackson-Ziems, Carl Bradley, and Syndney Everhart

Assessing Missouri soybean fields for fungicide-resistant Cercospora sojina. Bruna Just, and Kaitlyn M Bissonnette

Contributed papers (Trey Price, moderator)

Observations from soybean rust monitoring and fungicide field demonstrations in Alabama in 2020. Edward J Sikora and Kassie Conner

Field performance of two new commercially available premix fungicides for management of foliar disease of soybean in Arkansas. Terry N Spurlock, Robert C Hoyle, Sydney F Kling, and Amanda C Tolbert

The impact of different crop rotations on soilborne microbial diversity and disease emergence of soybean-corn cropping system. Qiurong Fan, Travis Faske, Terry Spurlock, Alejandro Rojas and Trent Roberts

SCN Coalition: Updates and Evolution. Sam Markell and Albert Tenuta

Evaluating varieties in the Mississippi State University Official Variety Trial Program for the presence and severity of green stem. Tom Allen, Walter Solomon, and Brad Burgess

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