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Southern Soybean Disease Workers, Proceedings of the 31st Annual Meeting (February 15-16, 2004, St. Louis, Missouri, United States)



Southern United States Soybean Disease Loss Estimate for 2003. Compiled by Stephen R. Koenning

Shifts in Soybean Disease Incidence and Severity Following Adaptation of the ESPS (Early Soybean Productions system) in Mississippi. GL Sciumbato and DH Poston

Impact of Foliar Fungicides on Soybean Yield and Net Returns. BL Spinks, DH Poston, GL Sciumbato, and MA Blaine

Inheritance of Resistance to Phompsis Seed Decay in Soybean PI 80837. EW Jackson, P Fenn, P Chen, and PK Miller

Inheritance of Resistance to Purple Seed Stain in Soybean PI 80837. EW Jackson, P Fenn, P Chen, PK Miller

Population Structure of Cercospora kikuchii as Assessed with Vegetative Compatibility Groups and DNA Fingerprints. Guohong Cai and Raymond W Schneider

Reniform Nematode Reproduction on Soybean in 2003 Tests. RT Robbins, L Rakes, LE Jackson, EE Gbur, and DG Dombek

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